Each website is built specifically around your choice and needs, aesthetically crafted with features that matter to leave a lasting experience.


Visual Storytelling

From web design, web development, web content management, to e-commerce. From individuals, institutions, SMBs, to enterprises. Simply put, we deliver web solutions to a variety of clients. Our websites undergo various testing cycles to ensure security, functionality, compatibility, and accessibility before being deployed.


Elevated Web Design

Each website is built specifically around your choice and needs, aesthetically crafted with features that matter to leave a lasting experience. Of course, the audience gets your message, and you get the turnover for your business.


A web page should look good on all devices such as desktops, tablets and phones. Designing a responsive website is a necessity – not an option.

UX/UI Design

Our goal is to develop useful & valuable products based on user needs, not the other way around. We understand the process and the importance of User centred design.


Convert your visitors to potential buyers. Coupled with interactive designs, we develop e-Commerce with high functionality in terms of navigation, payment gateway integration, filtering, to provide best hopping experience to your buyers and for you.

Content Management System

We craft specific CMS application development suited to your needs to give you excellent control to modify your website’s contents, data, and applications. You can also take advantage of features like multiple user support and different permission levels to streamline your website management.


We build a custom software solution that is specific to your exact use case. Once your custom solution is developed, the end goal is typically to not even know it’s there. Built properly, a custom integration is your silent partner.

Glams Digital could figure out my needs by giving some designs and solutions recommendation. They provides the best services and they know what they are doing.

Richard H.

Founder, WeCode


Quality Web Design

For us, building a website is more than just design, code, and technology. An exceptional website design is a result of an exceptional process.



This phase is all about information gathering and analysis. We need to understand about your business, target market and customers, and the ultimate goal/aim for the website.



This phase consists of two parts. The first is a wireframe, which is the basic layout of your website. The wireframe will show how parts of the site will function and how elements will be positioned on the page. Then comes the design concepts which will be the visuals you will be itching to see!



At various stages, we will come to you for feedback and approval in signing off this part of the website design process. Your feedback during the design phase is extremely important as it will be used to make amendments to the layout and design before the development starts.



In this phase, the website design is translated to actual code that makes the website work. This stage can be the most lengthy, so we will always keep you informed on the status of the project.



We run quality assurance and testing to clear any potential visual and functional problems of the project on all the latest browsers and devices. Depending on the complexity and needs of the project, quality assurance may support various user testing. When everything is ready, we go live and deploy the website online.



This one is completely optional, however just like owning a car or house, a website will need upkeep and maintenance. We offer a monthly maintenance service to take website maintenance tasks off you.

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